1. The Biker Ducks are stock photos of a duck and recurring antagonists in the Breadwinners series. 


The Biker Ducks are the roughest and toughest ducks from the Lower Yeast Side who hate SwaySway and Buhdeuce. Even though they hate Breadwinners, they love stealing their bread. They are also very good at breaking into security systems(Thug Loaf). It was revealed at the end of Pondgea's Got Talent that Jenny was already in a relationship with their Leader.


They drive their bikes in a "V" shape and come equipped with Leather Jackets, Spiked Helmets, sideburns and black leather boots. The Leader also sports a beard and sunglasses. 



  • The Biker Duck's had a redesign in Bad to the Duck Bone. The Leader has much bigger muscles, while the other biker ducks look like the leader' old design.
  • Their leader was in a relationship with Jenny Quackles, but in Unlucky Duckies she broke up with him.