Bread is the main food item in Breadwinners. It is mainly delivered by SwaySway and Buhdeuce and it comes in very different variations. There are at least 85 different kinds of known breads, that had already been introduced. About 5 loafs informations are not added in that page.





Special Features

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Normal Bread

A simple loaf of bread.

None. But delicious.


Huckleberry Spaghetti

A blue loaf of bread with Huckleberries on top and Spaghetti in the middle. Usually found on the ceiling in the Bread Mines


47 Grain

Looks similar to plain bread except covered in seeds. Also has a 47 made of what looks like seeds on the front.



Tuxedo Bread

A loaf of bread that wears a Tuxedo and sports a Top Hat.

Also known as Fancy Bread.

Love Loaf

Love Loaf

A pink loaf of bread with a red heart in the middle.

When someone eats it, they will fall in love with the first thing they see.

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Jelly Filled Alfalfa

A dark loaf of bread that has jelly in the middle.

The jelly may be strawberry flavored.

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Rainbow Confetti

A red, yellow, green, and blue loaf with a tiny rainbow in the front, and confetti on top.

Made with real rainbows that makes Buhdeuce throw up.

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Clammy Brioche

A loaf with clam shells and pearls in it.

May taste fishy and crunchy.

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Simply toasted bread.

Very crunchy. Can be made with the Magic Toaster.

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Holey Wheat

A darker shade of bread that has holes in it.

The bread equivalent to Swiss Cheese.

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Chronic Moldy Bread

A loaf of bread that has been infected by Chronic Mold

Makes other breads disgusting and moldy.

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Exploding Barley Bread

A loaf of bread with cartoon bombs sticking out of it.

When thrown, it explodes.

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Candy Corn Carb

A loaf of bread with candy corn sticking out of the top and a large candy corn in the front.

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A brown loaf of bread with lumps full of what looks like chocolate in it.


Crystal Crust

A large piece of crystal in the shape of a slice of bread.

Reflective surface.


Bubblegum Rye

A brown loaf of bread with a piece of chewed bubblegum in it. It has sprinkles on the top.


Minty Good Bread

A teal slice of bread with a mint leaf on it.

Makes your breath minty. The only solution to cure off Stank Bread.

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Oily Oat Bread

A loaf of bread with black oil covering it and spilling out.

Can spew oil when squeezed.


Super Rancid Bean Bread

A green loaf of bread with baked beans on the top and a can of beans in the middle.

Makes your farts aggressive and smell horrible.


Stank Bread

A brown loaf of bread with mold. It also has flies and worms in it.

Makes your breath stink. If not cured, your beak will fall out. Only cure is Minty Good Bread.

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Moldy Bread

The first step and ingredient to Stank Bread.

Rotten and aged.

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Emerald Loaf

A green loaf of bread with an emerald sticking out. The first known living loaf.

Eats any thing that is green. When it eats itself, it turns into an emerald.

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Prune Bread

A pale loaf of bread with prunes in it.

Mrs. Furfle's favorite loaf of bread.

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Candy Cane Multigrain

A loaf of bread with red and white stripes and has candy canes sticking out.


Bouncy Bread

A loaf of bread with tennis balls and basket balls in it.

Very bouncy and hard to contain.

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Fabergé Egg Bread

A red loaf of bread witha golden diamond pattern and 5 fabergé eggs sticking out.

Must be contained with caution.

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Splat Bread

A loaf of bread that is filled with a messy slop.

Messy and very fragile. When dropped, it explodes slop.

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Fajita Bread

A red loaf of bread the form of a spicy fajita burrito; complete with tortilla.

So hot, it burns flesh when not wearing gloves. Has its own heat wave.

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Switcheroo Bread

A rare loaf of bread with its crust on the inside and vice versa.

When shared, consumers will swap bodies. Only cure is eating another loaf. If not done before sundown, the effects will be permanent.


Barley Brick Bread

A loaf of bread made of red bricks.

Hard and heavy.

Honey bread

Honey Bread

A loaf of bread with honeycombs on top and a hive in the middle. It also oozes honey from the top.

Spews angry bees when handled roughly.


Snails on Kale Bread

A loaf of bread covered and filled with kale leaves and snails on top.

Any other bread can be confused for it whenever it is sneezed on.


Sparklenickel Bread

A brown loaf of bread that has nickels on each of its faces.


little loafe

(Aka Zucchini Fettuccine Meatball Bread)

A rare type of bread with meatballs for eyes, fettuccine for hair, and a zucchini for a mouth.

Extremely rare. Prone to blemishes.

Hot tamale tornado bread

Hot Tamale Tornado Bread

A loaf of bread with a Mexican design on the bottom and hot peppers on the top, front, and back.

When several loaves are combined, they create a torpedo which launches.

Quay mane whole grain

Quazy Mane Whole Grain

A loaf of bread with blonde hair on the top and front.

Makes your hair grow the more you eat it.

Truffle Ruffle Feather Bread

Truffle Ruffle Fluffle Bread

A brown loaf of bread filled with feathers in the middle with 3 tiny truffles on top.

Makes you cough up feathers if eaten too fast.


Spicy Dynamite Bread

A loaf of bread with dynamite in the middle and a timer on top.

Will explode on any sudden impact. Takes exactly 1 minute to explode.

Irresistibly Cravable Bread

Irresisibly Cravable Bread

A green loaf of bread with a tiny bread symbol in the middle. Formed when yeast of irresistability is used in excess.

Turns the consumer into a bread craving zombie.

Antidote bread

Antidote Loaf

A blue loaf of bread with an antidote vial in the middle.

Cures all side effects of bread.

Pumper nectar Flower Bread

Pumper Nectar Flower Bread

A purple loaf of bread with 3 flowers on top and filled with pure nectar.

Makes the ultimate butterfly bait.

Yesterday bread

Yeasterday Bread

A loaf of bread with an hourglass on top and a clock in the middle.

Sends you back in time 1 day for each full loaf eaten.

Unicorn bread

Uni-Corn Bread

A lavender loaf of bread with a rainbow mane, hooves, a horn, and a rainbow horseshoe in the front

Turns you into a unicorn

Peppernickel bread

Peppernickle Bread

A slightly dark loaf of bread with a full pepper shaker in the front and a pile of pepper on top with 3 nickles sticking out.

BW HotDogBread

Hot Dog Bread

A loaf of bread with a crevice in the middle with a hot dog in it.

Mustard loaf

Mustard Loaf

A loaf of bread with a squiggly of mustard on the top and a dot of mustard in the middle.

Squirts outs mustard. Squirts neater with a nozzle.

Luau bread

Luau Loaf

A bright loaf of bread with flowers in it.


Puffernickle Bread

A small, round loaf of bread filled with air.

Makes you bloat up.


Bravery Bread

A normal and grey loaf with blond hair and a ragged quilt.

Makes you overcome all fears. (Make sure to take the kilt off before you eat it, or you'll throw it back up).

Chocolate Bar Bread
Caviar Chocolate Bar Bread Dark brown loaf of bread with three chocolate bars stuck in the top and red caviar in it.

Tissue Bread

A blue speckled bread with a slot on top.

Dispenses tissues.

Hi bad baby

Teddy Bread

A loaf of bread shaped and colored like a teddy bear.

Was also the root of the Bread Maker and Lava Mole's rivalry


Triple Chocolate Dunce Bread

A chocolate loaf of bread with three chocolates on the front and a dunce cap on top.

When eaten, it causes you to turn from being smart, to a complete crumskull

No Screenshot-0 Double Chocolate Fun Bread Unknown. Most likely the same as Triple Chocolate Dunce Bread, only with two chocolates on the front and a party hat. Buhdeuce mistook some Triple Chocolate Dunce Bread for it.

Diamond rye bread

Diamond rye bread

Bread with shiny diamonds all over it.

Presumably rare.

Power Nap Bread

Powernap Bread

Normal with a blanket and pillow on top

When eaten the eater sleep for a numerous (how much you've eaten) time

Popcorn bread

Popcorn Bread

Bread with popcorn on it

Black hole bread

Black Hole Bread

Bread that looks outer space with a black hole in the middle

Open a big black hole

Dark rye

Dark Rye

Black bread that has bones on the top and sides

Turns you into a bad person.

Bread bday

Birthday Bread

A loaf of bread with presents on the front and back. And frosting all over the top with candles.

One bite makes everyday the eater's birthday.


Hard Candy Bread

A loaf of bread with hard candy in it.

Incredibly hard. Old Man Buhdeuce's favorite bread.


Shrink Bread

Tiny loaf of bread

Once eaten, the consumer will shrink.


Grow Bread

Huge, chunky bread with mushrooms on top and on the sides

Once eaten, the consumer will grow.

Treasurebread Treasure Bread A golden loaf of bread with diamonds and emeralds on top inside the treasure chest with gold.
Wogf breadwinners Bony Pony Bread A loaf of bread with bones on top and bone pony legs on front and back.
Unknown Green Bread Briefly seen above Bony Pony Bread after it was shown to be put in T-Midi Rare & Priceless Bread Collection. It has what appears to be a green jewel in it.
Wogf lulu Laser Eye Rye A burned loaf of bread with laser eye on front and lasered metal armor on several places.
Wogf bear Flight Bread A white loaf of bread with wings on left and right and eagle bill on the front.
Wogf parents Chocolate Fondue Kazoo Bread A loaf of bread with chocolate and buttons on top and squeaker on front.
Whb Wolf Head Bread A black loaf of bread with wolf heads on front and back.
Doughnut Bread
Doughnut Bread A loaf of bread with donuts in the front and back, and frosting on the top.
Cactus Bread Cactus Bread A green, spiky loaf of bread with a cactus in it. Very prickly.
Slumber Party of Horror 04 Glowey Doughy Nightlight Bread A loaf of bread with a lightbulb on top and a string attached. When the string is pulled, it will light up and entire room.
Sneeze the Day 08 Gesundheit Loaf A loaf of bread with medicine bottles on top and noses on front and back.
Parashoot Bread Parachute Pumpernickel A brown loaf of bread with a parachute on it. Works like a real parachute.
Rope Beard Lasso Loaf A loaf of bread with ropes tangled in it.
Snake and Scorpion Beard Scorpion Fighting A Rattlesnake Bread A loaf of bread with a scorpion tail and a rattlesnake in it that fight each other.
Mean Bean Beard Mean Bean Bread A loaf of bread with a can of beans in it. Vegetarian food.
Shifty-shifty shapeshifter bread Shifty Shifty Shapeshifter Bread A loaf of bread with five multi-colored balls in it. Eating it will turn the consumer into whatever he wants.
Balloon Bread Balloon Bread Inflated bread filled with air and a string on the bottom. Eating it will turn your head into a balloon and higher the pitch of you voice.
8-Bit Bread 8-Bit Bread A pixelated loaf of bread with an "8" on the front Makes you pixelated.
Dolphin Bread Dolphin Head Bread A loaf of bread with dolphin heads on the front. Turns your head into a dolphin.
Clone Bread-0 Clone Bread A loaf of bread with another loaf of bread in it with a DNA strand on it. Eating it makes a clone of exact copy (not an EXACT copy) of the consumer.
Forget who what I am Bread-0 Forget Who I Am Bread Bread covered with question marks. Eating it makes you forget who you are.
Ace Mechanic Bread Wrench Bread Bread with a wrench in it. SwaySway was trying to deliver it to Ketta, but due to him having a bag over his head, he accidentally "delivered" it to a duckosaur instead.
Cinnamonster Bread-0 Cinnamonster Bread A loaf of bread with cinnamon on top and horns on the front and back. Eating it turns you into a hideous monster.
2016-04-22-18-35-44 Hoverbread Bread with a hoverboard in it. Works similarly to a hoverboard.
The Pot of Gold Bread-0 Pot of Gold Bread A loaf of bread with three pots of gold in it. Will cause good luck.
Dream Portal Bread-0 Dream Portal Bread A dark purple loaf of bread covered with stars and a turquoise portal on the front and back. Takes you to ones dreams.
Images-1 Great White Shark Bread Bread with a Great White Shark in it. Loves to eat chum.
Freaky Finger Bread (6)-0 Freaky Finger Bread A purple loaf of bread with fingers in it.