The Bread Mine is an underground mine that SwaySway and Buhdeuce go to mine bread. An elevator takes them from their house into the mine. They use mine carts for travel, and pick axes to harvest the bread, which is embeded in the walls. Many monsters also inhabit the mines, making it a dangerous place to work.

In the deepest part of the mines lives the Bread Maker, a mystical, muscular being, who bakes all the bread that the world eats, using magic ovens.

The first time it was mentioned was in the episode Mine All Mine.

Special places in Bread Mines

  • kids town
  • marcel 's sister hous
  • back tampa
  • lava candy tigers
  • Lava candy tigers (where the Lava candy man lives
  • stank caves


Under the Giant Light House, deep under the ground. It has many railroad tracks and caves.