This is the Breadwinners Wiki's Manual of Style. It is a guide for how each page should be set up.


Each character page must include:

  • A infobox with all known information.
  • A character biography.
  • Appearance description. (face, clothes, etc.)
  • Link to gallery
  • Trivia list
  • Every article must be categorized with this category: Category:Characters


Each episode page must include:

  • A infobox with all information.
    • The infobox Infobox must include:
      • Title of episode (automatic)
      • Image of title card (without any logos or extra black/white space)
      • The season #
      • The episode #
      • The original U.S. air date
      • Directors
      • Writers
      • Storyboarders
      • Previous episode
      • Next episode
  • A synopsis.(brief description of the plot)
  • A full plot description.
  • List of character appearances (organized by "Major characters" and "Minor characters")
  • Trivia list
  • And it must include a EpisodeNav template.