Ducktionary is a online game based on Breadwinners. It is about the vocabulary used in the show which can be dragged into blanks in a sentence.


  • Bap - a name for all your feathery and non-feathery friends.
  • Booty Kick - verb. a kick that's given not with a boot, but with a booty.
  • Bubble Nuggets - a phrase used by Buhdeuce. He says it whenever he's upset.
  • Buh... - when Buhdeuce can't think of what to say.
  • Bread Head - anyone who really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really likes bread.
  • Crummers - SwaySway's way of saying the situation is not okay.
  • Duck Hugs - a verb (again).It's when two ducks (SwaySway and Buhdeuce for example) hug together,either to boost their confidence or when someone gets you superbread-hero (Lil Loafie).
  • Egg Blast - a special move that involves shooting out an egg; it's a duck thing
  • Feather Brain - someone who's a few slices short of a loaf. Breadwinners equivalent of "hair brain".
  • Feather Licker - what you say when your feathers have been ruffled.
  • Freak the Beak Out - basically freaking out
  • I Loaf You - what you say when you have that warm, doughy, feeling inside for someone else.
  • In Yo Beak - what Breadwinners say after delivering bread.
  • L-l-level up - to transform from a duck into an even more awesome duck.
  • Motto - "No matter the challenge, no matter what, we always deliver and never give up"
  • My Ducky Duck - your bestie, you biffle, your home slice of rye.
  • Ninja roll, cartwheel, somersault, flip! - a quazy stunt that should only be performed by professionals... or ducks like Buhdeuce.
  • Oucheewawa - when ouch just doesn't quite sound silly to you. SwaySway says it when he's in pain.
  • P-p-party Punch - a punch that's either an attack or a "bro fist".
  • Quackers - out of control, out of this world, or out of yo quacking mind.
  • Quazy - out of control, out of this world, or out of yo quacking mind.
  • Riduckulous - a ducky way of saying ridiculous.
  • Rock Da Flock - get the party started and keep the party going.
  • Toast - to be doomed, ruined, trouble... also a piece of cooked bread.
  • Yeeeeeah Boyeeeee! - a phrase used by Buhdeuce when he really lets loose.
  • Yep Yep - Buhdeuce's way of saying yes, but really, really, really, really excited yes.

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