Jenny Quackles is a minor character in the Nickelodeon animated series Breadwinners.



In the pilot, Jenny has Green and grey feathers on her body, white feathers on her tail, and a yellow beak with lipstick. Modeled after a male mallard.


Pilot Design


In the series Jenny now has a plain white body. She wears a pink bow and a pearl necklace.



SwaySway has a huge crush on Jenny, as revealed in the episode Love Loaf. It is unknown if Jenny really even likes SwaySway or if she knows him at all. Later, It was revealed in Pondgea's Got Talent that even after he introduced himself and sang to her that she would rather be with Hotshot. In the same episode it shows in flashbacks that he's been stalking her after they met.


She is dating him as of "Pondgea's Got Talent."



Season 1


  • She appears in the end credits of both the pilot and all episodes.
  • In "PB & J", When SwaySway wakes up he says "Jenny Quackles", implying that after getting rejected in "Pondgea's Got Talent", he still has feelings for her.
  • It is later revealed in Bad To The Duck Bone that Jenny only likes bad guys,which is why Swaysway ate Dark Rye and became evil.
  • She seems to like the Biker Ducks,because in different episodes she is seen with Hotshot and even the leader.
  • There is a Running Gag that everytime SwaySway sees her and confesses has a crush on her, She always does something disgusting. in the first time she ate worms, in the second time she throwed up and ate her own barf. in the third time she ate from a garbage can, and in the fourth time she didn't do anything, but there was a close-up of her which revealed that she is very ugly.
  • It's possible that her design was based on Daisy Duck from Disney which makes sense because they're both the love interests of the main ducks.