L-l-eveling up is a running gag shown in Breadwinners.  It changes SwaySway and Buhdeuce's outfits, and gives them skills and confidence they need to conquer given situations and problems.

Here are the episodes in order for leveling up.

  1. Thug Loaf - Biker Ducks
  2. The Brave and the Mold - Body Builder Ducks
  3. Lost at Pond - Survivor Ducks
  4. From Bad to Nurse - Nurse Ducks
  5. Love Loaf - Girly Ducks
  6. Beach Day of Horror - Rocker Ducks
  7. Tunnel of Fear, PB & J - Action Hero Ducks
  8. Food Fight Club - Detective Ducks
  9. Diner Ducks - Diner Ducks
  10. Lil Loafie - Plumber Ducks
  11. TNT-Midi - Fancy Ducks
  12. Night of the Living Bread - Zombie Hunter Ducks
  13. Space Ducks - Space Ducks
  14. Raging Mole - Wrestler Ducks
  15. Adventures in Big Baby Bun Sitting - Lawyer Ducks
  16. Crumbskull - Mechanic Ducks
  17. Weekend at Furfle's - Prince Charming Ducks
  18. Rodeo Ducks - Rodeo Ducks
  19. Viking Ducks - Viking Ducks (by Oonski)
  20. Movie Ducks - Movie Ducks
  21. Don't Feed the Duckosaurs - Serenade Ducks
  22. Wrath of the Pizza Lord - Pizzawinner Ducks
  23. Shrunken Ducks - Explorer Ducks
  24. Eat at Pumpers - Diner Ducks (by Mr. Pumpers) and Cockroach Ducks
  25. Flock Collecting - Space Explorer Ducks
  26. Roboloafie - Upright Citizen Ducks
  27. Slumber Party of Horror - Slumber Party Ducks
  28. Rambamwho? - Cop Ducks
  29. The Princess Frog Bride - Knight and Squire Ducks
  30. Super Duck vs Muscle Bread - Hero Ducks and Supervillain Ducks
  31. Breadator - Baller Ducks
  32. Tooth Fairy Ducks - Tooth Fairy Ducks


  • In the episode "Lost at Pond", Buhdeuce cannot level down until they return home and Jelly licks his face.
  • Their plumber duck mode make them look like the Mario Bros., Mario (SwaySway) and Luigi (Buhdeuce).
  • One has never leveled up without the others at first.
  • Diner Ducks, Space DucksRodeo DucksMovie Ducks and Tooth Fairy Ducks are the only episodes to be named after their leveling up.
  • Bad To The Duck Bone was the first episode in which a character was transformed without leveling up. Another example is in Bad Zituation.
  • PB & J is the first, and possibly the only episode where Jelly levels up.
    • It is also the first episode where a level-up was used twice. (First time was the action hero ducks level-up from Tunnel of Fear)
  • Diner Ducks and Action Hero Ducks are the only level ups which appeared in show twice.
  • Eat at Pumpers and Super Duck vs Muscle Bread are the only episodes to have two level ups in one episode.
  • The Diner Ducks transformation is the only one to be shown in two episodes, throughout the whole series.