The Lava Mole is a minor antagonist in the Nickelodeon animated comedy series Breadwinners. He appeared in the episode "Mine All Mine". He then appeared again in the episode "Introducktions". He is voiced by John DiMaggio.


Lava Mole is an instigator who loves to start fights with the Bread Maker, even though he always ends up losing. In "Mine All Mine" it was revealed that the Lava Mole is sick of eating bread, and that he wants to eat something totally different.


Lava Mole is a giant mole with fiery red hair, a short, fat tail, claws and a round pig snout. He also wears a ripped black vest. It's arguable that the Lava Mole's eyes are always closed because he's blind.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • Lava Mole had a girlfriend named Debbie.
  • It was revealed in Raging Mole that he has been losing fights against the Bread Maker since they were babies.
  • He owns an unbreakable bread box.
  • In the Halloween special, "Night of the Living Bread", we may assume that Lava Mole is afraid of zombies, due to the fact that he wussed out when Bread Maker told him that he can fight the zombies.