Breadwinners Games
Nickelodeon Kingdoms
Released 2014
Platform Online
Link Nickelodeon site
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"Nickelodeon Football Stars"
Nickelodeon Kingdoms is a online game on the Nickelodeon website. The game is a crossover game and SwaySway and Buhdeuce are included as playable characters.


  • Breadwinners' kingdom is the 6th and final kingdom to be included in the game. It was updated on September 29, 2014.
  • This game became the best Nickelodeon game of 2014.
  • Each kingdom has its version of the theme music. That of Breadwinners had the upbeat heard in most of the BGM (background music) in the show.
  • SwaySway & Buhdeuce's outfits are a reference to their Biker Duck outfits.
  • The official artwork shows the Breadwinners wielding the breadzooka like the one from From Bad to Nurse.