SwaySway and Buhdeuce leveled up to survivor duck mode in the episode, Lost at Pond. They fell out of the rocket van because it ran out of gas. After the pigeons ate their survival guide, they were forced to level up to survivor ducks.


SwaySway wore a blue cloth and his teeth stuck out, he also had a hunch. Buhdeuce wore the same thing except his cloth was red. SwaySway also had a bone in his hair.


They hunted bread and acted like gorillas. The only thing they said was "Ooh, ah, ooh!" After they hunted and stabbed the bread, they sang a song that sounded like You Saved Us With Your Butt, but they replaced the words with "Ooh, ah ooh!" When they found a cruise ship, SwaySway was the only one who leveled down. Buhdeuce leveled down when they returned home, and Jelly licked him back to his old self.