SwaySway's great great grandparents. Grandma (right) Grandpa (left)

SwaySway's great great grandparents were not Breadwinners, they were clowns. they were revealed in the episode The Brave and the Mold


SwaySway's great x2 grandfather wore a blue top hat with an afro (blond). He had red lips, a big red nose, and bright red cheeks. He had a blue suit with a white collar and red buttons. SwaySway's great x2 grandmother wore a red hat with a pompom on the top. She had pointy pigtails (also blond). She had red lips, a big red nose, and rosy cheeks. She had red overalls with green buttons, and a white shirt under it.


SwaySway's great great grandparents are considered a discrace to the family. Here is a list of reasons why they are a discrace:

1. They were not Breadwinners

2. They were clowns.

3. They did not follow the family tradition.

4. They were probably a little on the crazy side.